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martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

My Bedroom *.*

  The favorite place of my house is my room, because i can rest and watch tv, listen music, connect and speak with  my friend in the computer, there is where I do my homework for the university ,well...is my place for relax, my space, is everything jejeje ^^.

My House

   My house  is in The Trinity Urbanization is quite large, very  comfortable, super cozy, it has a room beside of the dining room, have a kitchen, two bathroom and three bedrooms, a courtyard big enough. The Trinity Urbanization was a pretty quiet place but due to the low security has become more dangerous than usual. 

Daily Routine

  My day begin  at  6:00 o´clock , when I wake up I go to the bathroom  to take a shower and wash my face, then I go to my room for dressing and get ready for college, my first class begins  at 7:00 o´clock to 8:00 o´clock, then I have  one hour for breakfast and then I go to class again at 9:00 o´clock to 11:00 o´clock. After classes  I go home for rest and lunch, then I wait for 1:30 pm to go to work in NATALY DANCES , where I have to stay until 6:00pm, then I go home to do my homework for college , and relax a while in the computer listening music and chating with my friends, when its  10:00pm  i go to sleep to start a new day.! ^^

My English Class ^^


martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Unit 8. Celebrations

   One of my favorite holydays of the  year is in Dicember (Christmas),  because is a month in particular that I spent more time with my family because the rest of the year I live in a recidence becuase of  my studies and I dont see them too much, I love Christmas holydays, the food, the music and the giftsss jejeje...!!! 


  One of the days that fascinate me is to celebrate the mothers Day that day I share with my mom and grandmothers they are an example for me, I adore them, I want to get ahead so they can be proud of what I can be.


Unit 8. Holidays and Celebrations

   Hello my name is Paola, one of my favorite days of the year is in July, because is the month I  celebrate my birthday ,especially the 6th of july, that day I share with my friends and family this day is different from all the others, because I get coddle jejejej and  I eat my favorite cake...chocolate cake!!! ^^

UNIT 7. Conversation

Elizabeth: Here's the computer, Paola.
Paola: Great. What movies are playing?
Elizabeth: The new Pocahontas movies is playing at 7:00
           let's see its.
Paola: Hmm... I don't really want to see Harry Potter and the
                 deathly hallows.     
Elizabeth: Okey, that sounds good.